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Fri, 3 February 2023
Project Management
Integrate Project Management into Your Asset Monitoring Operations

Knowing how to effectively and efficiently manage assets can scale up your business in a twinkle of an eye. Assets are necessary tools for employees to utilize as part of project management practices that put the organization forward. Some companies prefer a detailed process, while others choose the “go with the flow” system of operations. Whether you are a small or large business, having a structured project management system would improve productivity and get you to your desired goals.

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Fri, 3 February 2023
Fuels Retail Management Series
Do not Lease or Buy a Fuels Retail Station Until You See this First

Our client once leased a fuel retail station in November 2014 from a major brand in a highly populated and high-traffic area of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He visited the location personally and checked the entire facility without bringing in professionals.From the inspection he did, everything looked well. The canopy design was new, and the building was aesthetically pleasing. The floor was smooth and shining, etc. In summary, the look and feel were perfect. He paid for the station and began operating the station after fulfilling all requirements and documentation.

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Sat, 25 March 2023
Asset Management Series
Fundamentals of Asset Management

Physical asset management is founded on a set of fundamentals. They include the value derived from the asset, an alignment with the organizational overall objectives, and a host of other ideals.

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